How it Works

GLOBAL TRADE INTERNATIONAL is a place you can trust to make your purchases on-line without leaving your home.

Our mission is to offer our clients the opportunity to acquire products in the United States, simply, economically and safely.

Many years of experience and our knowledge of the logistics and regulations of the business allow us to complete your purchase at a better price and at your best convenience.

Once you have found the product you need, ask us for a quote by sending us the name of the product and all the necessary references to English ( Email: Spanish). We will send you back an e-mail with a quote and the instructions you must follow to complete your purchase.

This quote is not the total price. The total price will be the quote, plus tax, plus shipping costs from New York to Bogotá-Boyacá.

To start the proces, you must send us an advance of 70% the quoted price (we accept payments in pesos). You must pay the remaining 30% and the shipping costs from the United States when you receive your order.

We accept electronic transfer and all the credit cards as forms of payment. You can also pay cash at our warehouse in Santa Rosa de Viterbo (Boyacá). If you wish to pay in pesos, you must use the exchange rate of the day you’re making the the payment.

Please, don’t forget that to receive your merchandise your balance must be zero.

For purchases from Latin America, Global Trade International charges 15% of the cost of the product in the United States for the service.

Remember that the price for shipping the merchandise to your doorstep is not included in the total price.

It will take an estimated 15 to 20 business days for you to receive the merchandise.